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Ambica Cranes Pvt. Ltd.
Ambica Cranes are designed and  manufactured with Indian    standard
specification   IS:807 & IS:3177.   The cranes have  been basically divided
into four classes.   These classes are  based on application and duty cycle.

CLASS-I Light Duty
Where service requirements are   infrequent this type  of low maintenance cranes
are used. Light duty cranes for repair shops, light warehouse.

CLASS-II Medium Duty
The  largest number of   cranes used in   all industries.  Medium  duty cranes are  used for
foundries,  processing  plants, machine  shop and general industrial  purposes   and outdoor

CLASS-III Heavy Duty
Heavy   Duty cranes  for  workshop,   production   shop,  machine shop,  steel   warehouse,  heavy
fabrication shop, paper mills, etc. where the cranes in addition to normal handling work also become a
part of production process.

CLASS-IV Extra Heavy Duty
Extra Heavy Duty cranes includes very   special cranes   with highest importance in steel industries and heavy
machineries. These are for continuous duty operation. Cranes designed for hot metal application.

Our Manufacturing Range

  • EOT Cranes Double Girder (up to 100 Ton Capacity)
  • EOT Cranes Single Girder (up to 15 Ton Capacity)
  • Goliath Cranes
  • Semi Goliath Cranes
  • Wire Rope Hoist (up to 15 Ton Capacity)
  • Foot Mounted Hoist
  • Dual Speed hoist
  • High Speed Hoist
  • Flame Proof Hoist
  • Hoist with Operator's Cabin
  • JIB Cranes
  • Cage Lift (Goods Lift)
  • HOT Cranes
  • Crane Duty Gear Box
  • Wheel Assemblies
  • Heavy & Light Duty Fabrication (as per drawing)
  • Floor Traveling Trolley (up to 50 Ton Capacity)

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